Why cant I reach you by phone? I suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and stuttering. As odd as it may sound, the telephone is one of my triggers for anxiety which in turn increases the stuttering. I cannot give you the proper support you need by phone. I have attempted in the past, but have had to terminate it. Please email me with any questions, concerns or potential orders, and I will assist you in any manner that I can. If I cannot answer your questions or help you, I will refer you to someone whom you can call in our customer service department at Vitamins Direct.

What are Personal Use Products (PUP)? Personal Use Products are products that we are not allowed to stock in the Canadian warehouse and must be shipped from our US warehouse.  Shipping charges are higher for these items. $14.95 fee applies to all parcels up to 1 pound. A 75ยข charge applies for each additional pound.  This is not a charge in addition to the shipping you see in the cart. The shipping fee will be adjusted to reflect this change when it is physically processed.   Any items marked as Persona Use items may not be re-sold. All Personal Use prices listed are in U.S. dollars. A maximum three-month supply may be ordered for any given item. Personal Use orders may not be combined with a regular Canadian order. Duties and taxes may apply. Personal Use orders may take up to six weeks for delivery.   Placing your order constitutes your acceptance of this additional fee added to your order.

What is the Personal Use Fulfillment fee i see on my billing slip?  This is a new fee applicable April 1, 2018. It is calculated as 10% of total order, with a minimum fee of $5. You will not see this fee in the shopping cart but will be added when the order is physcially processed.  Placing your order constitutes your acceptance of this additional fee added to your order.

Are you a secure site? Yes! Your credit card details are safe with Herbal-Connection and Vitamins Direct.  I want you to feel completely confident when buying from me. We utilize industry standard Secure Socket Layer software (SSL) to encrypt your personal and credit card information during the checkout process. This prevents anyone else from obtaining the details of your credit card. 

What is your Return Policy?  If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Send the items back to us at the address listed on the packing slip you received with your order. You must return the product back to us unused and in good condition. Postage and packing fees are non-refundable.  Refunds will be issued based on quantity of products returned. Please include all opened and unopened products in your return. Opened product is limited to a 30-day consumable quantity for full refund. Unopened containers must be deemed to be in unused and good condition to receive refund. If an item(s) is being returned for an exchange, the cost of returning the item to us is the responsibility of the customer. If the item(s) is faulty due to an error on our part, we cover the cost to return the item(s) to us.

Is there a Rawleigh Dealer Near Me? Even if i know where you are located, I have no way to tell you if there is a dealer near your area. It is becoming harder and harder to find local Rawleigh dealers. W.T. Rawleigh Products are sold only by authorized distributors, not in any chain stores, and use to be sold door-to-door or in flea markets, farmer's markets, etc. You were able to deal with an individual face to face and buy the products on the spot. With the expansion of technology and higher costs of business, it has become increasingly difficult to find Rawleigh dealers, if any, that seek out doing business the old-fashion way of stocking products and selling locally. The business has basically become a mail order business and no matter which dealer you use, the products are coming from the same place.  I offer you the lowest prices available by selling at the company's pre-set suggested retail prices. A local dealer could raise these prices to make more profit and you would never know it!  I will answer any questions you have on Rawleigh Products or our other products in a very timely manner and would be glad to receive emails from you. Please contact me at any time. 

Do you still have Tri-Chromaleane or Thermolift Classic? NO!!! These products were eliminated from our product line due to the Ephedra issues. It is now illegal to sell or purchase them in the United States. I know there is ambiguous information on the internet regarding the legality of Ephedra/Muhaung products. But it IS STILL ILLEGAL!! Here are a few verified legitimate news articles that support this, however to get the most up-to-date information just visit www.fda.gov and search for Ephedra articles:



Please review our current list of Weight Loss Products.

Can I mix and match your products? Yes! In fact our products are designed so that they work even better when combined with other items.

Can children take your products? We do not recommend our products to individuals under 18 years of age, but you can always print out the product page and check with your Pediatrician.